Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Wismar mbH Kopenhagener Str. 3 23966 Wismar


This private limited company established by Andreas Exler and Lars Frahm in 2006 is a good example for successful research at the Alter Holzhafen. The two graduates in industrial engineering work on the development of the QuattroGeneration fuel cell at the multi-media port of the science and industrial park.

In times of sustainable climate protection they have created a green source of energy that supplies mainly industrial clients with electricity, heat and refrigeration and at the same time provides preventive fire protection with the N2telligence effect.

Areas of application are above all data centres, museums, storehouses and archives were a maximum of energy and safety is needed.

The proprietary system in Wismar provides green energy to the science and industrial park. Companies like Equinix, Mercedes-Benz, Fuji Electric and Airbus have recognised the potential of this innovative technology and rely on the Fuji N2telligence effect.

For further information please go to: www.n2telligence.com